Sources: NBC Has Found Inaccuracies in Williams' Stories about Katrina

Sources tell FTVLive that NBC has found inaccuracies in Williams' stories about Katrina. Although Williams has already admitted to lying for a dozen years about the Iraq incident, so we're not sure why NBC is looking for other lies?

Sources tell FTVLive that some "higher up" in Comcast officials have also chimed in and said they wish to see Williams gone.

Word is that Williams spent much of the weekend at 30 Rock meeting withNBC President Deborah Turness and Comcast staff.

Still no word on what Williams' future at the network is, but there much is clear, it is not a done deal either way.

There are many inside the walls of 30 Rock that feel that Williams cannot recover from this and needs to go.

Turness is still trying to figure out if she can bounce the number one rated network news Anchor.

Let's put it this way, if NBC was in 3rd place in the ratings, Bri Wi would have already been handed his pink slip and kicked to the curb.