Carolina Anchor to Return Tonight for Last Goodbye

On January 26th, FTVLive told you that longtime WTVD (Raleigh Durham) Anchor Larry Stogner shocked viewers when he told them he is retiring.

He said that he was suffering from ALS and that was his reason for his sudden retirement. 

Stogner took two weeks off and returns to the air tonight to say his final goodbye. 

He’ll get a sendoff befitting his long career and give his loyal viewers a more formal goodbye.

It’s a sudden and bittersweet ending to an unusual career for a television newsman who went all over the world for stories but always came back home.

In January he was diagnosed with ALS, a decease for which there is no cure. The next day, Stogner told his WTVD family, and two days later, he shared it on live TV, saying he would be retiring.

He had planned to work three more years, but at 68, now says, “I’ve worked long enough. It’s time to get on with living.” He plans to go to movies and out to dinner and travel with his wife, Bobbi, and spend time with their six grown children.

It's a sad ending to a great career and the viewers of WTVD will miss him. 

He reflected on his career to the Raleigh News and Observer:

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