Albuquerque Anchor is Off the Air after Newsroom Blow Up

FTVLive reported FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY yesterday about a fracas that went down in the KOB (Albuquerque) newsroom on Monday evening.

FTVLive reported that a fight broke out in the newsroom and it got real ugly, real fast. 

Sources say that longtime Anchor Tom Joles got into it with a Reporter and Photographer.

According to insiders, a young reporter was being ‘counseled’ by ND Michelle Donaldson. "Whatever Donaldson said, wasn’t good enough for Joles and he added his own comments," said a source. 

Longtime KOB Reporter Stuart Dyson tried to intervene and calm the situation down. It didn't work and word is that Joles got in Dyson's face and also the face of Photographer Joseph Lynch who jumped in to protect Dyson. Sources say punches were thrown.

KOB GM Mike Burgess is doing his best to downplay the incident. He says that there was a “heated discussion” but no fisticuffs. 

Staffers that witnessed the incident (Burgess did not) tell FTVLive that punches were thrown. 

Burgess did say that Joles will not be on the air pending a temporary “cool down period.”  Joles was missing from the air last night, despite the fact it is still February ratings. 

Staffers inside the station says that Joles has been "unpredictable" with his behavior "for a while now" and that they are worried if/when he returns to the newsroom. 

So far, it appears that management is sticking their head in the sand and hoping it all blows over. 

Stay tuned....