Left Coast Weatherman Announces Retirement

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Although the Feb book has just gotten started, a number of longtime Anchors have waited till the book, to announce that they are retiring.

You can add another one to the list.

KSBW (Monterey) Weatherman Jim Vanderzwaan has announced plans for retirement after 32 years at the station.

He won't step down until the Summer, but viewers needed to know, because you know, it's February ratings. 

Vanderzwaan made public his decision Sunday evening during a special edition of KSBW Action News 8, following the Super Bowl.

"My decision to retire this summer was not made in haste or taken lightly, but one that my wife and I, along with KSBW, have been working on for some time now," Vanderzwaan said. "I will miss the wonderful people I’ve worked with over the years here at KSBW 8, and I will miss telling our audience about the weather. I’m truly grateful to have served our viewers for so many years, but now it’s time for the next chapter for me and my family."

Why these anchors feel that they have to tell us about their retirement that is still months away, we have no clue?

Must be an ego thing.