BriWi Tops the List as the Best of the Worst

The Columbia Journalism Review is out with their list of the best and worst journalism for 2015 and BriWi tops the list.

If you have to ask which list, you haven't been paying attention.

The disgraced NBC Anchor tops CJR's list for the worst in Journalism for 2015. They write, "Whereas Oliver, a comedian, has found the right balance between entertainment and journalism, Williams, a journalist, showed the danger of that mixture. The former face of NBC News spent six months in anchor-desk purgatory for repeatedly “misremembering” an Iraq war episode, and potentially others as well. Williams has since been rewarded with a breaking-news gig on the new-look MSNBC, though it’s unlikely he’ll be slow-jamming the news any time soon.

Click here for the complete list of best and worst.