Sacramento Anchor Busted by Police, Now Off Air

KMAX (Sacramento) Anchor Mark S. Allen was busted for DUI a couple of weeks ago.

It appears that his News Director just found out about the arrest yesterday, or was hoping to keep the news quiet.

The Anchor may have hoped that being arrested under his real name, Mark Allen Stell, people might not figure out it was him that was arrested.

On December 4th, cops responded to two different reports from witnesses of someone driving in an erratic manner near Interstate 80.

Police located the morning Anchor and arrested him without incident, charging him with suspicion of driving under the influence.

The day after he was arrested, Allen made no mention on Twitter and posted this:

He continued to tweet up until December 9th, when his twitter stream went silent.

And although the arrest happened 2 weeks ago, the station finally released a statement yesterday, with Good Day Sacramento's News Director, John Armand, saying "We are taking the matter very seriously and we are investigating what happened. While that process is ongoing, Mark will not be appearing on our air."

So, the question is did the station just learn of their Anchor's arrest, or did they release the statement only after people found out about it?

Where was the transparency?