ABC News EP Taken to the Hospital After Holiday Party Fall

This maybe one reason to to attend the station holiday party.

Page Six says that World News Tonight EP Almin Karamehmedovic had perhaps a little too much fun at the show’s holiday party on Wednesday night and wound up unconscious on the pavement, having fallen and hit his head.

An ambulance was called and Karamehmedovicwas taken to the hospital.

A witness to the embarrassing incident outside Upper West Side restaurant the Ribbon told Page Six that Karamehmedovic — who became “World News” exec producer last year — “collapsed on the sidewalk outside the restaurant” and was “bleeding from the head.” The source said he’d been drinking at the bash.

WNT Anchor David Muir had already made a toast to the team and had left the party.

But outside, at about 11:30 p.m., as the party wound down, “Almin collapsed . . . bleeding from the head, incapacitated. He was taken to the hospital. ABC News staff were gathering around as . . . a pool of blood seeped out onto the sidewalk.”

But another source downplayed the drama, saying, “It was a holiday party and drinks were had by all. Almin was waiting for an Uber and lost his footing and fell and hit the back of his head. There was no pool of blood. The blood took up half a bar napkin.” The source said Karamehmedovic did pass out and “went to the hospital as a precaution and was checked out.” About eight guests were outside when the tumble took place.

A rep said, “We’re just glad he’s OK, and he was back at work from the DC bureau the next day.”