News Director Out the Door in Phoenix

KPHO News Director Leona Wood told the staff that she is leaving the station at the end of the month.

She let the staff know in an internal memo.

Sources tell FTVLive that the station has already been interviewing people to replace Wood. 

KPHO GM Ed Munson sent out an internal email (obtained by FTVLive) that included the email from Wood.

Wood claims she is leaving to....go ahead and say it with me...... spend more time with her family. 

Here is the email from both Munson and Wood:

Sent: Monday, November 9, 2015 4:25 PM
To: All PHX
Subject: Important info

Team, I wanted to share some information with you that was sent to the news department a few minutes ago. Leona Wood, Executive News Director of 3TV and CBS 5 recently let me know she will be leaving the station on December 1. Her note below provides the detail.

We are grateful for her dedication to Meredith, our viewers and, most importantly, our employees.  Her infectious personality and positive aura will be sorely missed.


From Executive Director of News, Leona Wood

November. It’s a month for gratitude. A time to reflect on what is genuinely of most value to us.  To, with purpose, focus on the big and small items that bring us the greatest joy. And to thank those who have contributed meaningfully to the fullness of our lives. 

It is with that spirit that I share with you the following:

First, I am enormously proud of what you’ve accomplished. As individuals and collectively, you rocked the last year! I know, deeply, just how difficult this transition was. And yet, I stand in awe of what we’ve built. One mega newsroom, created from two diverse teams, working collaboratively in what is still one of the most righteous crafts in our country.

With the enormity of that task behind us, I am oh-so-excited to witness this combined force coming into its own, poised to dominate the Phoenix news market!

And yet, in reflection and with a heavy heart, I must admit that the past two years, most notably the last 13 months have come at an exceptional price to me, and the three people I love most.

I can look back with confidence in knowing that what we created here was worth the toll. But as I look forward, I’m challenged by the knowledge that my family needs time to recover from what we’ve lost.  They need… no… they deserve, my full time right now.

I shared the difficult conclusions my husband and I had reached with Ed last week. Together, we have agreed that my last day will be December 1st.

As I leave my “news team”, I will take at least the month of December to decompress, perhaps actually sleep and, with the passion of an all-in mom, focus solely on my “home team”.

What comes after that is, entirely and appropriately, up to them! 

What I know for certain is that Team Wood will, with pride and appreciation (and yes, a Leona-level loudness), cheer you on as Meredith Arizona OWNS this town. 

With genuine gratitude,