Lester Holt Was Once Rejected by NBC

Lester holt is the number one News Anchor in the country, but at one point NBC sent him a rejection letter.

Holt has even donated that letter to the California Museum in Sacramento.

On Wednesday, he was among eight new inductees into the California Hall of Fame at the museum, where he recalled details of a letter he now laughs about.

“Apparently when I was 18-years-old–it was about three months after I got out of high school–I had applied for a radio position at NBC in New York,” Holt said, sharing his memory with KCRA reporter Kellie DeMarco.

“And I found the rejection letter, basically saying ‘thanks, you’re not what we’re looking for. Best of luck.’ And I just looked at it and I just laughed out loud. I thought, now I’m the face of NBC News.” He continued, “It’s just one of those reminders, that anything could happen.”

H/T Breitbart