Is This News?

A women in Baltimore tried to commit suicide in her own home.

If this happened in your market do you run the story?

Now, let's add to this, the woman is the mother of Freddie Gray, the guy that was killed while in police custody.

So now do you go with the story?

WJZ in Baltimore did run the story. The station reported that Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, tried to take her own life late Wednesday night.

The call came in around 9:35 p.m. Wednesday for a person needing medical attention in North Baltimore.

Sources tell WJZ that’s where Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, attempted suicide and sustained superficial wounds.

Sources say Gray’s mother was taken from that North Baltimore neighborhood to a nearby hospital, where no surgery or stitches were needed.

Just weeks ago, the city of Baltimore awarded Gray’s family $6.4 million to settle civil claims. Darden is expected to get over $5 million bucks from that settlement.

But is a distraught mother attempt at suicide news? 

The family lawyer, Billy Murphy certainly doesn't think so. He released this statement:

“Because of an improper invasion of her privacy, Ms. Darden is being thrust into the national spotlight about an extraordinarily personal matter while she is still mourning the loss of her son. I saw her today and I can assure you that this kind of publicity is not at all helpful. We strongly urge the media to show restraint. The family asks that you continue to pray for her and for them.”

WJZ had a tough call to make. Did they make the right call?

We'll let you decide. 

Here is video of their report: