Should We Thank KABC for this?

We told you this morning that one of the rules in broadcasting, is you don't report on bomb threats.

Doing so only invites copycat idiots to do the same thing.

KABC broke that rule yesterday, when a bomb threat was called in to police, saying that a number of bombs had been placed inside the KABC studio.

The station evacuated the building and started doing a live broadcast about the threat from the station's front lawn.

After the KABC coverage and threat, another bomb threat was called in for CBS Broadcast Center in New York. 

Unlike KABC, the CBS folks did not go wall to wall with coverage and talked about how great they were, because they could do a live shot from the parking lot.

Instead, CBS employees quietly waited across the street for about an hour until being given the all-clear, following a sweep of the building by the NYPD. 

That's how it's done.