ISIS Plans 24 Hour TV Channel - Possible Show Ideas

Word is that the Islamic State (ISIS) has a 24-hour television channel in the works.

This would be the next step in the terrorist organization's propaganda war. ISIS has utilized both Twitter and YouTube, as well as Iraqi radio bandwidth, to spread its message and try and gain support.

Now, ISIS is looking to move on a 24 hour TV channel.

Filling 24 hours with hate messages is not going to be easy, so FTVLive has thought up some shows that ISIS could do in between their messages of hate:

"The Situation Bunker"

"Morning Express with Habib" 

"The Big Bang Theory" Sponsored by the U.S Air Force and their Bombs

"Imam in the Morning"

"NISIS - Los Angelas"

"Real Housewives of Damascus"

"My Favorite Muslim"

"MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz"