How I Work - Shannon Ogden

We stay in FTVLive's backyard for this edition of How I Work.

WTLV (Jacksonville) Anchor Shannon Ogdon anchors the main newscasts at Gannett's Duop in Jacksonville. He tells us how he works and shows us that if he ever gets sacked, it won't take long to clean out his desk.

Here's How he Works:

Twitter Name: @ShannonOgden1 (clever huh?)
Location:  Jacksonville, FL 
Current gig: Evening news anchor at First Coast News - Gannett’s NBC/ABC duop

Current computer: Home: 27-inch Mac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5.  Work:  Umm.. it’s black with schmutz on the screen and crashes a lot.  I think it’s made by Dell or Fisher-Price.  

Current mobile device: iPhone 4S

One word that best describes how you work:  Harderthanthatguy

What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without?  Bands in Town, Dictionary, First Coast News Mobile, Guitar Tuner

What's your workspace like?  Spartan with a bag of grits (gift from a friend)

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?  Guitar.

What Music are you listening to?  New Ryan Adams record, Jason Isbell, Wilco, My Little Ponies soundtrack

What's your sleep routine like?  Seven hours of sound sleep if it was a good show.  Not much if a bad one.

Best Advice you Ever Got?  Bob Costas told me to always be reading. Read everything.  Fill every empty moment with reading something.  And wait 30 minutes after eating to swim.  That one was from my mom.  Not Bob Costas.