Pot Quitting Reporter: My Mom Was Pissed

When KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene decided to say "fuck it, I quit" a number of people that it was so cool of her.

Others thought she was a complete moron. 

We're guessing you can add her mom to the second camp. Greene's mom who lives in Nigeria wasn't impressed with her daughters stunt. 

"People over there were telling her she should be proud of what I did," Greene tells People. "But she was pissed. She gave me a really stern talking to." 

Greene admits that covering her business in a news report was a conflict of interest. But she's not worried that her actions burned any bridges, career-wise. 

"I realize there's a likelihood that I may not end up at a job I have my degree in, but this is going to open me up to other opportunities," says Greene, who plans on crusading for pot legalization in the weeks leading up to Alaska's November ballot. 

So what tips does she have for anyone out there yearning to leave a job in a blaze of glory? "How do you quit like a boss?" Greene says, laughing. "For starters, make no apologies. Make sure you don't stutter or stumble, and you do it with power and presence. Just go in with confidence. And if you're going to do it, do it big."

We're guessing you won't be seeing Greene speaking at the Poynter Institute anytime soon.

Just saying....