Pushed Out in LA

Left Coast sources tell FTVLive that KTLA has parted ways with Feature Reporter Allie Mac Kay.

Her bio is still posted on the station's website, but she told her fans on Facebook that she's no longer with the station.

Mac Kay writes: 

So….some news.
I've left KTLA Morning News.
I worked with some amazingly talented and funny people, and I'll miss interacting with them. Luckily, they exist outside of that tiny box…so I can still see them, preferably at a more decent hour! 
But this is an announcement to thank YOU.
Without you, there's no KTLA Morning News…something I never took lightly.
Thank you all for every interaction on here and Twitter - you all made my day quite often….especially on days when you had no idea that I needed it.
I was lucky to be able to showcase places that I grew to love….from segments with kids (some of my favorites!) to places we all might have passed right by, not knowing the treasures inside.
That was my highlight. Passing along places that deserved recognition. If I made you smile along the way, then that made my 2:30 am wake up worth it. 
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for allowing me be a little part of your morning routine these last 6 years.
I'll keep you all posted on what's next - but for now, I want to laugh at my alarm clock, and eat dinner with friends on a Tuesday.
Be good to each other.