Busted Anchor Dumps Boyfriend, Hires PR Firm

As FTVLive told you yesterday, KTXL Anchor Sabrina Rodriguez "resigned" from the station and she appears to be going into full damage control. 

She has posted to social media saying that she is going to "focus on my case and work to reestablish my good name."

Word is that Rodriguez has also hired a PR firm to try and help her get back her "good name."

Rodriguez was criminally charged with her role in an elaborate shoplifting scheme. Cops say she helped steal 3 Coach wallets from a local store. 

Rodriguez's fiancé, 30-year-old Nicholas Gray, is being held in the Sacramento County jail for his role in the crime, plus other charges. Rodriguez is free on a $10,000 bond. 

But, if you were planning on attending the wedding of the two, you might want to rethink that.  Rodriguez told the Sacramento Bee newspaper that “As of today I have severed my ties with Nick Gray,”

Ummmmm..... talk about a day late and Coach wallet short. 

 “I am now focusing on life decisions as I move forward with the support of family, friends, viewers and the community,” Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez did a story during the Christmas shopping season talking about shoplifting. In the story Rodriguez talked to an "anonymous shoplifter" who showed Rodriguez bags of stuff he had stolen. The brands were Michael Kors, J-Crew and....get this....Coach.

Oh the irony!

By the way, KTXL pulled the story from their website, but a cached version can be found here.