CNN Testing Talent for New Day

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Yesterday, the website The Wrap reported a story that FTVLive FIRST reported months ago.

The site says that CNN's signature morning show, New Day is plagued with bad chemistry, including reports of bickering between its hosts Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira. The show is also stuck in the perennial No. 2 morning ratings spot among cable news networks.

Of course this is exactly what FTVLive FIRST reported in October for last year. 

The Wrap goes onto say, in a move to inject new life into “New Day,” insiders told TheWrap that CNN has tested several anchor combinations with and without current host Cuomo — to see what will work.

“They have tried Chris Cuomo with every available woman,” one individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. “And they keep trying ‘New Day’ combinations that use none of the three anchors.”

Bolduan, who is currently pregnant, hasn't been included in the anchor testings so far (though she co-hosted “New Day” on Thursday with John Berman, who was filling in for a vacationing Cuomo).

“That speaks for itself,” the insider said of the network's lack of testing around Bolduan, inferring that her future with the morning show is uncertain.

The Wrap billed this story as an "exclusive" but it is nothing more than a rehash of FTVLive's story from last year. 

Just saying....