Man Busted for Attacking Reporter with Tripod

Back in my News Photographer days, it was next to impossible to try and get the Reporter to carry the tripod.

Now-a-days, Reporters carry the sticks all the time, they also carry the camera, because they are working as a one man band. 

Reporter/Photographer Bob Aaron of WCHS (Charleston) found a guy more than willing to grab the tripod.

Problem was the guy used it as a weapon against the Reporter

State Police arrested Howard Lilly after he was caught on video attacking Reporter Bob Aaron while shooting a story Monday.

Lilly is charged with destruction of property, grand larceny and malicious wounding.  He is being held on a $25,000 property or cash bond. 

State Police say Lilly confessed to attacking Aaron and say he was remorseful and tearful. 

Aaron was taken to the hospital as a precaution but is doing well. He has deep tissue bruising but no broken bones. 

"He came up off of his property onto the roadway," Aaron said. "And before we could have much of a conversation further about it he came at me grabbed the tripod and starting hitting me with it. He broke the camera lens and gave me a couple of pretty good shots before we left."

While he was being attacked, Aaron says he thought "I can't believe this is happening,"