The View with a Cupp

A tipster emailed us late last week (and just about everyone else) top say that ABC's 'The View' is in talks with CNN Crossfire host S.E. Cupp about joining the show.

Crossfire has been shooting blanks for CNN and some feel that the show could be pulled soon from the CNN line-up.

So it appears that Cupp is looking to jump ship before it sinks. 

Someone in the Cupp camp is doing their best to get the rumor that The View is very interested in S.E. to be the "conservative" on the show. 

It appears that The View is also interest in possibly hiring Meghan McCain has the show's right leaner. 

But, McCain's peeps have not contacted FTVLive yet to try and plant that rumor.....yet.

McCain will be guest hosting on The View next week.