Uh-Oh! Somebody is in Trouble

WKBW (Buffalo) General Manager Mike Nurse said that a breakdown in the news department's checks and balances led to the repeated airing of  the word "fuck" in a story on the station's 11 p.m. newscast last night.

The station was reporting about the YouTube video of the racist woman in Cheektowaga that quickly went viral.

"Unfortunately the reporter utilized the incorrect video -- instead of the video without sound as previously directed," wrote Nurse. "It was an unfortunate mistake and the anchors immediately apologized. The story was finished at the last minute due to a tech issue that resulted in a breakdown of established checks and balances. We are addressing internally and with the FCC as necessary."

Anchor Keith Radford quickly apologized for the airing of the expletive.

Nurse confirmed that the reporter who used the incorrect video was Kendra Eaglin. He wouldn't say if she was being disciplined.

"We are reviewing and will handle internally," wrote Nurse.

H/T Buffalo News