Former CNN CEO: Zucker's Head Might Be on The Chopping Block

Reese Schonfeld the founding CEO of CNN thinks that CNN President Jeff Zucker's head might already be on the chopping block.

In a post written for the Huffington Post, Schonfeld writes:

CNN's CEO, Jeff Zucker, was appointed by (Time Warner CEO Jeffrey) Bewkes a year and a half ago. His presence has not improved CNN ratings. He was just finishing up as the Executive Producer of the failing Katie Couric show and previously had been ousted as the NBC boss when Comcast acquired the network. All too often, MBAs hire people who previously held important jobs but failed at them. They then of course blame the failure on the guy they hired and Zucker's head may already be on the chopping block.

FTVLive has reported in the past that Time Warner could be looking to sell CNN. 

The rumors inside the cable network are heating up that TW is prepping CNN for a sale and has already quietly started looking for buyers.

Many CNN staffers think that the current layoffs that will soon be coming to CNN is to make the bottom line look better to a possible buyer.

While Schonfeld thinks Zucker could be getting the boot, some CNN staffers think Zucker could be getting the network ready to be sold.

Either way, Zucker's future at CNN might not last much longer.

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