New York Anchor Ogles Reporter in a Bikini

WNYW Reporter Anna Gilligan reported live from a park in New Jersey that featured a Tarzan rope swing.

Because all reporters now-a-days want to make the story about them, Gilligan figured she would try out the rope swing for herself.

So, she stripped down to her bikini (it's not even ratings) and tried the swing.

Problem was, Gilligan had horn dog WNYW Anchor Greg Kelly back in the studio. Kelly spent the rest of the live hit, ogling Gilligan in her bikini. 

"Nice bathing suit," Kelly gushed.  

Kelly's co-anchor, Rosanna Scotto, did her best to keep him "in check," urging him to "stay appropriate." 

It was too late, that train had already left the station.

Let's go to the video: