Rob Morrison Arrested.....Again!

Cops have clamped the cuffs once again on former WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison.

Morrison was rearrested by Darien police Monday after allegedly violating a protective order and calling his estranged wife more than 100 times over a three-day period last month.

Morrison posted a $50,000 bond on the new charges of violating the protective order and second-degree harassment.

Past threatening and breach of peace charges against Morrison were dropped in April after he completed a 26-week program for people involved in family violence.

Morrison is married to fellow television journalist Ashley Morrison and the couple has one young son.

According to court records, Ashley Morrison showed up at Darien police headquarters on May 25 “physically shaking” and “in a very fragile state” to report that her husband had been continually violating the protective order issued by a state Superior Court judge in 2013.

A subsequent search of Rob Morrison’s cell phone records indicated that over the course of the Memorial Day weekend, he placed 121 calls to Ashley’s cell phone and home phone. Most of the calls were made on May 25 when he allegedly called 109 times and “would hang up and call right back for approximately 14 hours,” police said.

Ashley Morrison told Darien police Sgt. Keri Isaac she was scared and “she thinks Rob Morrison could kill her if she has him arrested.” She said Rob Morrison told her that “she will never get rid of him” and she had fled to a friend’s house with her son because she was afraid that he would show up at her home.

When Ashley Morrison was later informed that Darien police were pursuing her husband’s arrest following an investigation, she allegedly “became irate” and told Isaac “things are fine and she does not want to pursue any charges.”

Darien police responded to two other domestic incidents at the couple’s Hollow Tree Ridge Road home in 2013 and Rob Morrison was arrested in a Feb. 17, 2013 incident. In that incident, Morrison allegedly got into an argument with his wife over photos posted on Facebook and ultimately choked her with both hands.

According to the arresting officer at the time, Morrison “threatened that if he was released from police custody, he would kill his wife, ” a handwritten note in his court file said.

When the charges were dropped in April, Morrison appeared contrite and apologized for his behavior the night of his arrest.

Outside the courtroom, Morrison said, “I am obviously very happy this day has finally come. In the 14 months since this happened, I have experienced an amazing amount of personal growth. For something that started out quite negatively, it transformed into something quite positive.”