CNN's month of Breaking News that Wasn't

Brian Williams opened last night's NBC Nightly News by taking a veiled swipe at CNN. Williams said "It's now been one month since flight 370 was last heard from and while the cable news coverage has called it breaking news for 30 plus days now, the first real break came at midday monday....."

The report was how ships have picked up a ping that they think is coming from the missing plane. Of course, if you have been watching CNN's coverage, you've heard stories like this over and over again.

CNN has labeled it "breaking news"when garbage has been spotted in the Indian Ocean. 

Yesterday, and we are not making this up, CNN labeled a story how how the families are frustrated by CNN's coverage as "breaking news". Really they did this.

CNN has spent the past month throwing what little credibility they had left into the Indian Ocean, just like the garbage they have been reporting on for days.

CNN has cried Wolf (including Blitzer) so many times on this story, no one is left to take their coverage seriously.  

CNN has bragged about their ratings boost from the missing plane coverage. But, as one CNN staffer said to FTVLive, "(Jeff) Zucker has to realize that everyone slows down to look at a car wreck."

They would look at a plane wreck as well, but no one can seem to find it. 

Despite all the reports on CNN to the contrary.