Pushed out in Peoria

It looks like WEEK Ashley McNamee who was in contract negotiations with the station is getting pushed out.

The two sides could not agree on a new contract and McNamee’s "visibility" was “lessened” and she began to anchor only at 10 p.m., next to Tom McIntyre.

A memo went out to the WEEK employees, including McNamee saying:

“Please welcome Libby Derry as our new 5, 6 and 10 p.m. weekday co-anchor. She comes to us from Charlottesville, Va. Libby is a graduate of Western Illinois University, a native of Galesburg and looks forward to returning home with her family. Her first day will be April 28.”

In other words, McNamee will be pushed off the 10PM newscast and out the door. 

Neither side is talking in public, but one thing is apparent: McNamee is liked in living rooms. Viewers recently passed petitions in support of her. A month ago, when she was a guest speaker at a Bloomington Kiwanis breakfast gathering, McNamee drew a "near-record" crowd. A "most viewed" TV-25 personality poll on the station's own website lists her No. 1.

It seems the station was more interested in saving a few bucks than what the viewer thought.

Gots to love TV news. 

H/T Pantagraph.com