CBS Anchor Scott Pelley: Show Me the Money

Scott Pelley might still be in third place in the ratings, but that isn't stopping him and his agent from asking for a big raise.

Politico writes that Pelley is seeking a major salary raise from the network as his contract comes up for renewal in the weeks ahead.

Pelley, who also serves as a correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes, currently makes a reported $5 million per year, which is less than half the reported salaries of the nightly news anchors at the rival networks. ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer makes an estimated $12 million a year, while NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams makes an estimated $13 million a year.

Back by WME, the talent firm headed by Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, Pelley is hoping to bring himself closer to financial parity with his competitors.

Pelley's ratings have grown by 10% and is the only broadcast to see three consecutive years of growth, but still lags almost 2 million viewers behind NBC and Brian Williams.

Not sure if that is worth doubling your salary.

Just saying....