Vickie Burns is Out at WPIX

Former New York News Director Vicki Burns had been working as a news consultant at troubled WPIX in New York.

"Had" being the keyword, because she is now out at the station.

Tuned in writes that Burns had been a major sounding board for news director Mark Effron since surfacing during the summer. Because of her strong programming resume, which included stints running newsrooms at WNBC and KNBC, and the poor ratings, Burns was always considered a wild card to attain a larger role at WPIX.

While it’s not clear why Burns is out, one thing appears certain: the new GM Rich Graziano is feeling pressure to right the ship.

“Graziano inherited Effron,” a source tells Tuned in. “He has the option to go a different route at

The station is badly trailing WNYW in the morning and not doing much better at 10 p.m. WPIX has made slight inroads in the crowded 5 p.m. field.

Burns’ exit could, once again, place the spotlight on Effron. With his tenure now at one year, many speculate that he won’t survive the next ratings book in May.

“The problem is there’s a severe lack of confidence in Effron and his managers,” the source says “Everyday, the station is hindered by a weak leadership team. We’re always a step behind.”

Stay tuned....