CNN Staffers Question Missing Plane Coverage

Yesterday, if you watched the top of NBC's Nightly News, Tom Costello took about 2 minutes to tell viewers all the new information they had on the missing plane.

Over on CNN they took all day, to give you the same information. 

CNN's wall to wall guessing of where the missing Malaysia Airlines flight is bringing them big ratings.

But, it also has staffers inside CNN questioning if this coverage is really best?

Since there are so little facts about what happened to the plane, CNN's coverage is mainly just a group of talking heads guessing what might have happened to the missing  jet.

"Is it really news coverage, when there is no news to report?" asked one CNN staffer in an email to FTVLive.

Last week, the staff was sent out the CNN coverage note and it defended the network's coverage on the missing flight.

In the note obtained by FTVLive, it tops off with Digital saying they are having "one of the best weeks in traffic."

Then it gets into the top stories and talks about the missing plane:

"On TV: we are wall to wall with the plane mystery; this is a strategy we are confident and comfortable with" the coverage note to the staff says.

It goes on to say "when a major story happens (ala Boston Bombing, Oklahoma Tornados, George Zimmerman) we go all in"

The next line says "That is our vision and our strategy"

As for those in house question CNN's over coverage of the missing plane, the next line in the coverage note says "We are not ignoring other stories because we have multiple distribution platforms."

Some CNN Staffers say the network is ignoring other stories and doing it all in the name of ratings.

Stay tuned....