NBC News Fooled by Fake Radio Report

It appears that NBC News used fake audio from a radio report while covering last week's rescue of a dying baby on a Florida expressway.

It was a story that captured the heart, a baby stops breathing in the middle of traffic on a highway expressway and good Samaritans come to the rescue.

A newspaper Photographer catches the rescue seen on camera. And NBC Corespondent Mark Potter says the incident "was broadcast live on local radio."

The problem was....it was not.

NBC called Broward radio station WFTL and asked for the live audio from the station's coverage of the rescue. The radio station did not have any audio, so morning host Rich Stevens went into an audio booth and made it up. 

This is what it look and sounded like on Potter's report for NBC News. 

Gossip Extra points out that Stevens is the morning host, the rescue happened at 2:30 in the afternoon. It's likely that Stevens wasn't even at the station when it happened.

Stevens isn’t returning calls for comment but his boss, GM Steve Lapa, says he sees nothing wrong with what Stevens did.

“The information fed to Rich was accurate,” Lapa said. “We had the info fed to us by the traffic people, and there’s nothing wrong with how we voiced it.”

It appears that NBC was either taken in by the fake audio, or worse they knew it was fake and aired in anyway.

So far NBC News isn't commenting on the story.