Cops Continue to Search Gunman that Shot Texas Weatherman

There was not a lot of information for police to go on Thursday as they tried to track down KCEN meteorologist Patrick Crawford's shooter. 

Officers said they do not think he is still in the immediate area, but that doesn't mean they're not looking; there are still a lot of patrols going on in the area

Cops were back the station on Thursday, combing through fields again for any clues.  But they admit, it's going to take some time to find the shooter.

"What it's going to take is a lot of leg work, a lot of detective work," said Sgt. Kevin Ferguson, patrol sergeant for the McLennan County Sheriff's Office.

"There has been a few calls reporting suspicious people,” he said.

As FTVLive told you yesterday, police have released a sketch (right) that Crawford helped them make. The Weather Anchor claims he did not know the man that shot him. 

Crawford remains in the hospital but is in stable condition and is recovering well at Baylor Scott and White Hospital in Temple.

"So far he is on target if not moving ahead of schedule," said Dr. Matthew Davis at a new conference Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Davis said Patrick was a little bit sleepy but happy and has had very pleasant interactions with nurses and staff.