Top 10 Things we Learn in TV News on Election Day

Today is the mid-term elections and we will find out which ineffective people will lead our country until we elect new ineffective people to lead our country.

But in TV news, we learn so much more on election night that who was elected and who wasn't. 

Here are the top 10 things you learn in TV news on election day.

We Learn That....

10: ....our highly paid Anchor can't ad lib worth a crap.

9. .... the station's Engineers can eat 2 times their weight in Pizza.

8. ....the Assistant News Director really does do nothing but stand around.

7. .....more technical problems can happen on one night, than an entire year.

6. .....there is no more boring live shot that the one from election headquarters. 

5. .....CNN's Magic Wall is just a really big iPad and has no magic at all.

4. .....some of the interns are kind of hot. 

3. .... the Internet is so much better at Election coverage and results than TV. 

2. ...The station is spending a ton of money of something viewers aren't watching.

1. ..... this is the night Netflix was made for.