Commission Rejects Pot Reporter's Objection to Subpoena

A campaign-finance investigation is moving forward against former KTVA (Alaska) Reporter Charlo Greene.

Greene quit her job on air with the words "Fuck it...I Quit" to work toward legalizing marijuana.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission wants to know whether Greene used crowdsourcing funds to advocate for a ballot initiative to legalize recreational pot use. Greene challenged the commission's request for documents.

This week, the commission rejected her objection to a subpoena, giving the agency the authority to continue the investigation to determine whether money that was spent would trigger reporting requirements.

Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, said the order should be worrisome to those who take a stand on any issue. "If you publish your personal stance on any issue, then this government agency believes they have the authority to ask for emails, bank-account information, all of your records," she said. "That's scary."

The commission is unfairly targeting her, she added.

The commission notes that she hasn't been found in violation of the law. "But without a reasonable investigation, no determination can be reached," the commission wrote in a three-page order.

Damn....can't everyone just light up a blunt and mellow out?