Lawsuit is Dropped Against Wichita Station

Back in September 2013, FTVLive told you that Reporter and part-time Anchor Jared Cerullo filed a lawsuit against his former employer, KAKE citing breach of contract and defamation.

Cerullo was sacked after he incorrectly tweeted that that person entered a plea of guilty, when, in fact, the defendant pleaded not guilty.

He sued the station for $75,000.

But now, Cerullo has dropped the lawsuit after the judge dismissed the defamation claim in the suit.

 Cerullo said that portion of the lawsuit "was the bulk of my case." So, he decided to drop the rest of the lawsuit, because it was very unlikely that he was going to win. 

With the case dismissed, Cerullo will receive no payment for damages.

Guess that didn't work out like he planned.