Former Newsie Starts PR Company

After you retire from TV news, you really aren't qualified to do much else, so what do you do?

You go into PR.

Former WCPO (Cincinnati) Anchor Clyde Gray is doing that, with the launch of his new company  called CGA Public Relations Strategies. The CGA stands for Clyde Gray and Associates (I'm sure the company worked months on the name). 

"This is just the start, and there's more that we hope to accomplish," Gray told WCPO.

In a news release issued about the company's launch, Gray said CGA will focus on creating and implementing public relations strategies, especially related to clients' diversity efforts. The company also will help individuals, corporations and governments in Greater Cincinnati manage their interactions with the news media, particularly when the news is bad. The firm will pursue consulting with political candidates, too, Gray said.

First rule of PR? Get your old station to do a fluff piece on your new company.