Former Dallas Anchor Reaches Plea Deal After Arrest

FTVLive told you back in August that KTVT (Dallas) Anchor Brendan Higgins was arrested  in Aspen, CO. after cops say a very drunk Higgins tried to punch a hotel employee and became belligerent with police. 

After his arrest, KTVT and Higgins parted way.

Now, there is a resolution in the case involving Aspen authorities and former anchor. 

In a statement sent Friday, Higgins said:  

“I have entered a deferred prosecution agreement with the City of Aspen that will ensure all the municipal court charges against me will be dropped within six months. As I said shortly after my arrest, I am deeply sorry for the negative attention this situation brought to my family, our friends, my coworkers and the hard-working authorities in Aspen. While unfortunate, this incident has provided a valuable lesson that I will not soon forget, and I dearly appreciate the many messages of support sent to my family and me over the past couple months. We are looking forward to moving on to bigger, brighter things.”