It's a Bit Early Don't You Think


The NFL football season kicked off last night, but that hasn't stopped WNYW in New York from already starting the Super Bowl hype.

The station and it's longtime sports anchor Russ Salzberg are launching a Super Bowl countdown show  starting tonight. 

The NY Daily News says that the weekly half-hour show, 10:30-11, is called "Super Football Friday." It will run through the Super Bowl, five months from now, and is doubtless just the first of many shows that will beat the drums for the big game, which will be held in the Meadowlands and telecast on Fox.

The show will cover the full gamut of Super Bowl prep, and give viewers plenty of time to digest it.

Salzberg's first guest will be chef Todd English, who will talk about Super Bowl recipes that would work either for tailgating or for a party at home.

Presumably they will also be suitable for freezing, if you're planning to make them this weekend.