CNN Names New Head of Diversity


After FTVLive reported that Jeff Zucker was going to pull the plug on CNN's Diversity Council, CNN Boss Jeff Zucker was furious that there was a leak inside CNN.

After FTVLive's report... CNN did confirm that the Chair and the Vice Chair of of the Council were both no longer in their roles on the council.  The Vice Chair was out of the network altogether. 

CNN denied the FTVLive report that they were doing away with the council.

Sources say that after our report, Zucker knew there was no way he could eliminate the Council altogether. 

Privately Zucker called the council "window dressing."

The CNN boss has taken hit for the network's lack of diversity in their on air product. Now, CNN says they have changed the council and it will report directly to Jeff Zucker. 

Publicly, Zucker claims that the council will be "invaluable in shaping the kind of organization we want and need to have.”

Today, CNN announced that Geraldine Moriba has been named Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for CNN Worldwide.

“Geraldine is the ideal candidate to take on this very important role within the organization at a critical time for us,” said Zucker. 

CNN can spin it this how they want. FTVLive knows how it went down in the corner office and Zucker's talks with the HR Director and his top staffers. 

Stay tuned, Tomorrow we'll tell you about the next big change Zucker is working on. Shhhh...don't say anything, Jeff doesn't want this info out yet.