Reporter Charged with Domestic Battery

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WTHI (Terre Haute) Reporter Jon Swaner was booked Friday at 2:43PM and charged with domestic battery.

Police say that Swaner was involved in an altercation with his wife after they found his wife in a nearby home, with blood on her face and a cut over her eye.

Swaner's wife claims she ran into a door - causing the injury. Jon Swaner told police the same thing.

Because of course when you run into a door, the first reaction is to go the neighbor's house and get away from all the other doors in your home.  

A judge has ordered Swaner to stay away from his wife as the case moves through the courts.  

WTHI had posted the story on their website, but then they pulled it.

It didn't take viewers long to figure out what was happening and they lit the station up on their Facebook page. Shortly after the story was once again posted on the station's site.  

What does the station's GM Todd Weber have to say about the arrest of one of his reporters?  

Say with with me "We don't comment on personnel issues. '