Newt already Rocking the Boat at CNN

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Fresh new CNN employee Newt Gringich is taking his network to task and his show hasn't even hit the air.

Gingrich is complaining about CNN's planned Hillary Clinton documentary.

Though the CNN newsroom is not involved in the project, it will still air on the network -- something that has caused Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus to pledge that CNN will be banned from any upcoming Republican debates.

Gringrich says that CNN should grant the RNC equal time if they run the Hillary documentary.

Newt isn't the only CNN staffer who doesn't like the idea of the doc. Candy Crowley has said that the documentary would make things "more difficult" for her and her colleagues.

But at least Crowley has been at CNN for years and maybe has more of a right to question her network. 

Newt hasn't even got his CNN employee idea and orientation packet yet.

Look out Jeff Zucker!

H/T HuffPo