NBC Boss Makes Big Change in Her First Week


New NBC President Deborah Turness spent her first week on the job, listening and observing.

Anow now she has decided to make a major change at NBC, that should rocket the network to the top of all ratings. 

Turness sent a memo to the staff telling them that the morning meeting, which was called "Share Meeting" is moving it's time to 9AM.

The meeting will also no longer be called the "Share Meeting," it will now be reffered to as "The Exchange."

Wow! What a major change in just the first week for the new boss. 

Here is her Internal Memo to the staff: 

Thank you for the amazing welcome I have had this week. I’ve been able to spend time in newsrooms and control rooms and have attended meetings across NBC News. I am ending my first week even more excited at the work we will do together and the great things we can achieve.

I wanted to let you all know that starting Monday the daily editorial Share Meeting is moving. The conference is a useful one that enables the many parts of NBC News to find out what’s going on across the division, but I believe we can make it work much harder for us.

It will, in future, be called The Exchange, and will start at 9am. That’s because I am keen that the various NBC News operations can coordinate earlier in the day around the key editorial prizes and to identify opportunities for enterprise journalism. Working together we can deploy the collective might of NBC News more strategically to hit the biggest stories.

All those who previously attended should still come. And it will be held in the same place, 310E. The structure of the meeting will change to be more focused around key stories, and I am interested in feedback so we can adapt and improve it to maximize success.

Have a great weekend.