Tampa TV Critic Leaves Paper while there is Still a Paper to Leave


Because, in case you didn't know newspapers are dying, Tampa Bay Times TV Critic Eric Deggans is leaving the paper late next month. 

Deggans has accepted a job at NPR as the TV Critic.  

The obligatory sound bites: 

“For many years, I have been a fan of NPR’s super smart journalism and I often fantasized of what it might be like to join their ranks as a contributor,” says Deggans. “A position like this one is beyond my wildest dreams; I’m honored and excited by the opportunity to help shape NPR’s coverage of television and pop culture.”

“We are thrilled that Eric is joining NPR, and going to be part of a team that will enhance our coverage of one of the most important social forces in our time, the impact of TV,” says Madhulika Sikka, Executive Editor of NPR News.