And I thought MSNBC had some big balls when they gave Al Sharpton his own show. 

Cable network TLC is showing how big their balls are with their new show. 

TLC is giving the guy that has 132 pound scrotum his own show. 

Yes...this is what reality television has come to.

The show features big balled Wesley Warren Jr., a 49-year-old from Las Vegas.

Warren has a rare medical condition called “scrotal lymphedema.”

According to TLC the show will follow  “Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people. Due to the large size of his scrotum, Wes has difficulty with simple tasks like walking, preparing meals and even going to the restroom.” 

Yes....we will see how Warren uses the bathroom. 

This show will be a ratings ball-buster.

Here is a picture of Warren and his giant scrotum that he has named North West (ok...maybe not)