Demoted in SoFlo


FTVLive was the FIRST (by over a week) to tell you that Fox News Anchor Rick Folbaum was leaving the cable news net and headed to CBS O&O WFOR in Miami. 

Folbaum has already purchased a house in SoFlo and will be starting his new gig at the station in August. 

Folbaum's hire means some bad news for current longtime WFOR main anchor Elliot Rodriguez (pictured).  

It appears that Folbaum's gain will be Rodriguez's loss. WFOR sources says that Folbaum will be taking over a bulk of the shows that Rodriguez now anchors.  

Rodriguez currently anchors the station's 5, 5:30 and 11PM newscasts. We hear that while me may keep one of those, it is likely that Folbaum will be getting at least two of those newscast and almost for certain he will be anchoring the late news. 

"Folbuam is coming here as the main anchor, Elliot is getting knocked down a few pegs," said one WFOR source to FTVLive.  

The station is also very close to hiring a new female anchor to replace Shannon Hori, who left the station (also, FIRST reported by FTVLive). 

Maybe Rodriquez can buy an anchoring job across the street on Groupon.

Stay tuned...