KCBS was Scooped on Their Own Crew Being Attacked

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Yesterday, FTVLive told you the story about an KCBS/KTLA (Los Angeles) news crew that was attacked while covering protests of the George Zimmerman verdict.

Left Coast TV watchers tell FTVLive while it was KCBS/KCAL crew that got jumped, it was KTTV Fox 11 that was the first to report the story.

With the Fox 11 chopper flying overhead, KTTV anchor Laura Diaz reported that a friend of hers "there at the scene" tipped her with news of the attack on the CBS crew.

Diaz herself is a former KCBS anchor, so we're guessing that her "friend" was an old co-worker.

Word is that Diaz and the gang over at KTTV took some delight in beating KCBS on a story that involved them. 

The news crew that was jumped suffered only minor injuries.