To Catch a Predator Mistress Speaks out

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Former TV Reporter Kristyn Caddell is speaking out on video about being the other woman to NBC's Chris Hanson. 

Caddell breaks down in tears on the video posted by Radar Online.

She says it is a double standard that women get the blame for affairs and men walk free.

"A double standard is an understatement as to what happens in this industry," Caddell says. 

In the candid interview, she also says that if she can’t work because of their affair, then Hansen also should not be allowed to work.

“Then, to essentially get taken down, because of a man, who has a lot of money and a lot of fame, it is not a good feeling. That is what happened to me.” Hanson is best know for his "To Catch a Predator" series on NBC's Dateline.

Caddell lost her job, while Hanson is still working for NBC.  

She says her biggest crime was being naive. 

She says that she can not find a job and no one will hire her. She points out that there are a number of people in TV news that have been arrested and have mugshots posted online that are still working in TV news....yet she can't find a job. 

Here's video of her emotional interview.