Mud Slide Washes Away Reporter's car

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 5.56.50 AM.png

Colorado Springs Gazette Reporter John Schroyer got a bit closer to a mudslide than he wanted to.

Schroyer was shooting video (because that's what newspaper reporters do now a days) when his Subaru wagon was carried off by a river of mud in the Waldo Canyon area.  

Schroyer said that he was driving on Highway 24 when all the cars came to a stop. A police officer ahead of him threw his cruiser into reverse, but Schroyer was too late to do the same. 

"I looked down for a minute, and when I glanced back up, a giant black wave of mud slammed into my car. It turned my car completely around and washed me probably a few hundred feet down the highway to the east, until I finally came to rest on the side of the on ramp," he said. "The flood waters kept going and going, and I was stuck in my car for probably half an hour, until I climbed out of the window onto my car's roof and jumped to solid ground."

Here's the video: