Philly Anchor Cat Fight

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 5.50.45 AM.png

It appears that the relationship between KYW (Philly) Anchors Nicole Brewer (left) and Carol Erickson (right) is.... shall we say a bit icy.

Brewer is the News Anchor while Erickson handles the weather duties and if I was the KYW News Director, I'd have a referee standing by during the newscast.

The video shows that of the two, Brewer comes off as meaner of the two. Erickson, for her part, doesn’t seem crazy about her young rival, but also, somewhat tragically, finds herself helplessly eager to please.

You wonder why someone from news management hasn't stepped in and stopped this petty back and forth? But, then again viewers might be tuning in more and more waiting the fists to fly and the hair pulling to start?

Here's the video evidence of a good old  fashion cat fight: