Rob Morrison Can Go Home Again...Sort of

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Former WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison is now allowed back in the family home. But, only if his wife, Ashley, provides written permission.

A judge has modified the protective order against Morrison that allows him to drive his young son and visit the family home as long as his has permission.

Family Court Judge Sybil Richards signed off on changes to the order that prohibited Morrison from visiting the home or taking his son in the car since February, when he was arrested by police for allegedly choking his wife.

Morrison's attorney, Robert Skovgaard, said Ashley Morrison was in agreement with the changes; a letter to that effect signed by her and her attorney was reviewed and read aloud in court by Richards.

In order for Morrison to take his son in his car, he must first take a blood-alcohol test to determine if he had been drinking, the agreement states.

He will also be able to visit the home as long as he receives written permission via text or email from his wife.

The agreement was signed by the judge over the concerns of Senior Assistant State's Attorney Nancy Dolinsky, the domestic docket prosecutor who said enabling Morrison to visit his home was a bad idea.

Dolinsky said Morrison should only be allowed to visit his wife at locations outside the family home.

H/T Stamford Advocate