Philly Anchor Leaving for Indianapolis

WCAU Anchor Lori Wilson is leaving Philly and headed to Indiana.

Wilson was a YouTube star when FTVLIve posted a video of her wondering about the words in a song. FTVLive's video was watched over 3 million times on YouTube and Wilson was a viral sensation.

Now she's leaving Philly for a job as the 5PM Anchor at  CBS affiliate WISH in Indianapolis. 

“After almost 16 years covering news in other cities, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work in my hometown, for the station I grew up watching,” Wilson told WISH-TV.

WCAU released the oblatory statement about Wilson leaving. "Lori Wilson’s warm personality, her professionalism, and her love of the community is well known and admired at NBC10. We’re sad to see her go, but we’re thrilled for her that she has this opportunity to return to her family and hometown."

Watch the video above it is a classic