Chris Hayes Kicks off His New MSNBC Show


Chris "I never heard of him" Hayes kicked off his new show "All In" on MSNBC last night.

Hayes is now in the 8PM time slot decided to start his show off with the hot button major topic that everyone is talking about.

The Keystone pipeline.


It seems that Hayes isn't interested in actually getting viewers to watch his new show and isn't going to use kinds of hot-button issues that immediately arouse viewer passions.

Instead he'll go with topics like the Keystone pipeline. Hayes' likes topics like this and he is betting is that there is an audience that wants to think about them when they get home from work.

I know, that I for one.... like to call it a day from work, prop my feet up and think about the Keystone pipeline.

OK maybe not.

The two other segments looked the most like 8 PM shows of the past (Olbermann and Hardball). There was a "Click 3" block that was a lot like "Worst Persons In The World" or the "Hardball Sideshow," with funny or outrageous things Hayes had seen on the Internet that day. And there was a pure commentary block, where the host lit into the NCAA's treatment of its athletes.

Hayes was visibly nervous at times, but clearly excited about "All In." Whatever the ultimate fate of his show, it is certainly one that marks a sharp break with the programs that have come before it.

H/T HuffPo